Washington Health Law Manual
Fourth Edition


On behalf of the Washington State Society of Healthcare Attorneys (“WSSHA”), we would like to thank the many volunteers who have made and continue to make this Washington Health Law Manual (the “Manual”) possible. Their donations of time and contributions of material are a true testament to the scope and breadth of professional health law resources available in the state of Washington. We are honored and grateful to work with a generous group of colleagues. The Washington Health Law Manual is now in its Fourth Edition and maintained in an online format. The manual was previously published in 1996, 1998, and 2006, and we acknowledge the countless hours of all the volunteers who made the Fourth Edition and prior versions possible.

Our current use policy permits free printing and use by health care managers, practitioners, and attorneys who primarily practice within Washington State. We anticipate re-visiting this use policy when we have a better understanding of resources necessary to maintain the Manual.

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Each chapter provides an approximate date when the author completed his or her preparation of the chapter (the “Reference Date”). And while the reader should be mindful that the chapters do not provide an exhaustive analysis of any topic as of any particular date, the reader should certainly consider significant laws, regulations, decisions, and other resources that became available after the Reference Date.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Consent to Healthcare: Special Consent Rules
Chapter 2 – Consent to Healthcare: Decision Making for Incompetent Patients
Chapter 3 – Healthcare Rules Applicable to Certain Populations
Chapter 4 – Commitment Based on Mental Illness
Chapter 5 – Certificate of Need
Chapter 6 – Peer Review and Quality Assurance Requirements
Chapter 7 – Tax Exempt Bond Financing and Long Term Financing
Chapter 8 – Washington State Fraud and Abuse Prohibitions
Chapter 9 – Mental Health Advance Directives
Chapter 10 – Government Investigations of Health Care Providers


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